Bit Shifter vinyl sticker • skull & electrical bolts emblem (2 per order)

from Bit Shifter

Professionally silkscreened high-quality die-cut vinyl stickers, featuring the encircled skull & electrical bolts motif. Approximately 3" in diameter.

▶ Please note: each order is for a pair of stickers. The Bandcamp merch interface imposes minimum values for postage per item — these minimums make perfect sense for items like CDs and shirts, but can result in excessive postage for very light items like stickers. So bear in mind that when specifying your desired quantity, you'll actually be receiving twice that number of stickers. (An order for one item will get you two stickers; an order for five items will get you ten, etc.).

ships out within 3 days

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Bit Shifter Brooklyn, New York

NYC's Bit Shifter has been among those leading the charge in the global underground movement known as chipmusic, exploring high-impact, low-res music produced using primitive synthesis as a deliberate aesthetic choice. Armed only with two 30-year-old handhelds, Bit Shifter leaves high-end computer music choking on his exhaust, bringing twice the rock with 0.002% of the processing power. ... more

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